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Parent/Student Portal User Agreement

Infinite Campus Portal ("Portal") is a tool for parents and students to access online, timely, and secure information about their children or themselves.  Each parent, legal guardian, and student is provided with his/her own unique portal activation key for creating a user login and password for the Parent Portal.  By activating the user account, parents/guardians and students agree to abide by and support the terms of use and user expectations set forth in this document.

SECTION I: User Expectations

The Internet and secure web access have altered the ways that confidential information may be accessed, communicated, and transferred.  Those changes are influencing instruction and student learning.  The South Portland School Department ("School Department" or “SPSD”) supports access by students, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators to informational resources that will improve participation in a child’s education and improve communication between students, parents/guardians, teachers, principals, and administrators.

The School Department manages student information electronically on a secure Internet site.  The Schools will make certain student education data available for viewing over a secure Internet connection only to authorized parents/guardians/students.  Parents/guardians and students agree to comply with the terms set forth in this Agreement.

A) Rights and Responsibilities

This access is a free service offered to all current students and active parents/guardians of South Portland Schools students at portal ready schools. Access to student information over the Internet is a privilege, not a right.  Only after a family has enrolled their child(ren) will a parent/guardian or student be authorized to activate a Portal account. Once a student withdraws or graduates from the District such access will be deactivated. Parents/guardians, students, and staff must understand and practice proper and ethical use.

B) Information Accuracy Responsibilities

Information accuracy is the joint responsibility of school, parents/guardians, and students. Each school will make every attempt to ensure information is accurate and complete. If a parent/guardian or student discovers any inaccurate information, they will notify their school immediately.

C) Accessible Information

SPSD reserves the right to discontinue the use of the Parent Portal at any time. The Portal will be piloted with limited functionality.  SPSD reserves the right to add, modify or delete functions viewed via the Portal at any time without notice, including, but not limited to, the functions listed below:


1) Student Demographic Data

3) Attendance


2) Student Schedule

4) Student Gradebooks

D)  Portal Access Agreement

Each parent/guardian and student must agree to the User Agreement Form below and agree to be bound by this Portal User Agreement.  The South Portland School Department, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to request that a parent/guardian bring photo identification to the school in order to verify his/her identity should any question arise concerning the validity of the acceptance of this Agreement.

E) Use of Portal

Parents/guardians and students are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

1.       Parents/guardians and students agree to act in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner.

2.       Parents/guardians and students will not attempt to harm or destroy the school, the district's data, or networks.

3.       Parents/guardians and students will not attempt to access information concerning any students other than that of themselves for students or their own child(ren) for parents/guardians or any account assigned to another person.

4.       Parents/guardians and students will not use the Portal or the SPSD network for any illegal activity, including, but not limited to violation of Federal and State Data Privacy laws.  Anyone found to be in violation of these laws will be subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

5.       Parents/guardians and students who identify a security problem within the Portal must notify their school immediately, without demonstrating the problem to anyone else.

6.       Parents/guardians and students will not share their password or allow anyone other than themselves to use their Portal account.

7.       Parents/guardians and students will not set any computer to automatically log in to the Portal.

8.       Parents/guardians and students will log out of their Portal user account when they are not at their computer.

9.       Parents/guardians and students identified as a security risk will be denied access to the site.

F) Security Features

1.       Access is made available through a secure Internet site.  Account holders are responsible for not sharing their passwords and to properly protect or destroy any printed or electronic documentation generated from or about the Portal site.

2.       Three unsuccessful login attempts will disable the user's account.  Until the school has verified the assigned user to the locked account, the account will remain locked.  In order to use the account again the user will need to contact the school’s front office, or email ichelp@spsd.org  

3.       The users will be automatically logged off if they leave their web browser open and inactive for a period of time. 

4.       The parent/guardian account will be permanently deactivated when his/her children have either withdrawn or graduated from South Portland Public Schools, or a court action denies the parent/guardian access to his/her child's information.

G) Limitation of School District Liability

The South Portland School Department will use reasonable measures to protect student information from unauthorized viewing.  THE DISTRICT WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR UNAUTHORIZED USE OF THE DEPARTMENT’S SYSTEM OR INTERNET.  The School Department does not promise any particular level or method of access to the Portal for viewing student information.  The School Department will not be responsible for actions taken by parents/guardians or students that compromise their student information.  SPSD reserves the right to limit or terminate the Portal for viewing student information without notice.  All parents/guardians and students who use the portal to access their own or their child(ren)'s information consent to electronic monitoring and understand that they are granted access to a private network used as an educational tool by the South Portland School Department employees and students.  Account activity is electronically recorded.

SECTION II: Portal Access and Use

A) Initial Account Request and Setup

For parents/guardians who do not currently have a Portal account but have a child already enrolled:

1.       Each Portal user must agree to the terms of this Agreement and the Portal User Agreement form.  Parents/guardians need to complete and accept only one form for all children in their household.

2.       The School Department may request that the parent/guardian bring photo identification to the school in order to verify his/her identity.

3.       The parent/guardian requesting the account will be given an activation key.

B) Support

1.       Parents/guardians and students should refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, Computer Requirements, Login Instructions, and Quick Reference Guide on the School’s website

2.       Support requests can be emailed to ichelp@spsd.org .

3.       Support service may be offered as an accommodation only and the School Department does not guarantee or warranty the adequacy or accuracy of such support service.  The School Department cannot troubleshoot home computer issues.

C) Acceptable Use

Parents/guardians and students agree to abide by the following guidelines when accessing the Portal:

1.       Users shall not seek to learn or change or share other users’ passwords, modify other users’ files or data, or misrepresent other users of the network.

2.       Users shall not intentionally disrupt the use of the network or devices attached to the network.

3.       Users agree that hardware or software shall not be destroyed, modified, damaged or abused in any way.

4.       Malicious use of the system to develop programs or computer viruses that harass other users, infiltrate a computer or computer system, damage the software components of a computer or computing system are prohibited.

5.       Loading, transmitting, or intentionally receiving hate mail, harassing content, and other antisocial content is prohibited on the system.

6.       Use of the system to process or upload pornographic material, inappropriate text files, illegal software, or files dangerous to the integrity of the local area network or any attached device are prohibited.

7.       Software and some content are protected by copyright laws: therefore users will not make unauthorized copies of software or media or other copyrighted content found on the School Department’s system.


I, as parent/guardian of child(ren, or a student) in a South Portland School Department school, verify and acknowledge that:

I am able to be legally bound by the terms of this Agreement;

I am requesting access to my child(rens’) student information on the South Portland School Department Internet web site;

I have read the South Portland School Department  Portal User Agreement, above, and agree to abide by and support the terms of use and user expectations set forth in the Agreement to insure the safety and privacy of each student;

By accepting this Agreement I, as parent/guardian or student, release the South Portland School Department from any and all liability for damages arising out of unauthorized access to my parent/guardian/student  user account;

I agree that I will not share my password or allow anyone other than myself to use my user account;

I understand that, in the interest of security, the South Portland School Department reserves the right to change user passwords or deny access at anytime; 

I agree to protect or destroy any information printed or transferred to my computer, or otherwise generated from the South Portland School Department site via the Portal;

I understand that three unsuccessful logins will disable my account; and

If my account becomes locked I will contact the school office or email ichelp@spsd.org and request the account to be unlocked and I understand that the School Department, in its sole discretion, may request that I bring photo identification to the school in order to verify my identity and that it may take 3 - 5 school days to have my account unlocked.