World Holidays

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It's Holiday Time! Weekly Reader; Edition 2, Nov/Dec2007, Vol. 77 Issue 3, Special section p2-3, 2p.

Christmas Sites
1. Christmas--World Almanac for Kids
2. Christmas Traditions

Diwali Sites
1. Diwali for Kids
2. Diwali--BBC Home

Hanukkah Sites
1. Hanukkah--World Alamanc for Kids
2. Hanukkah--BBC Home

Id al-Fitr Sites
1. Eid al-Fitr--World Almanac (scroll down to Eid heading)
2. Eid ul Fitr--BBC Home

Kwanzaa Sites
1. Kwanzaa--Kulture Kidz
2. Kwanzaa--World Almanac for Kids

Las Posadas Sites
1. Las Posadas-Christmas Celebrations in Mexico
2. Feliz Navidad--Las Posadas (scroll down to Las Posadas heading)