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You are a marine biologist learning about the Gulf of Maine food web. You want to understand how the food web works so that you can protect it. You will be working with a team of scientists (your school). Each of you will study one species in the Gulf of Maine. Then you will put your findings together.

The “lead scientist” on the project is your teacher. He or she will be doing some activities to illustrate some of the concepts we will be using in our research.

1. Your charge is to study one creature (species) from the Gulf of Maine to find out how it is adapted to its environment. You will put this information in a database.

2. From the information in the database, you will work together to create a model of the Gulf of Maine food web. You will show the environment where the species live, what they eat, and what eats them.

3. Finally, you will write about what you learned in a report to be compiled and published as your school’s Gulf of Maine Journal of Science.

Here are the big questions we will explore:

  • How might changes, such as global warming, pollution, invasive species, and overfishing in the Gulf of Maine habitat influence the survival of a species?
  • How do different species in the Gulf of Maine depend on each other?
  • How can science and technology be used to help protect the Gulf of Maine?
  • How can we all help protect the Gulf of Maine?

Do you have some ideas about these questions now? Share your thoughts with the class and record your discussion on the smartboard or chart paper. We will check back at the end of this assignment to see what else we have learned.

Step 1: The Task
Step 2: Strategize!
Step 3: Find Info
Step 4: Use the Info
Step 5: Synthesize
Food Web Model
Report Findings
Step 6: Evaluate





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